homemade mothers day gifts from child

9 Exciting Ideas For Homemade Mothers Day Gifts From Child

With mother’s day around the corner, this is your scope to tell your mom how special she is to you. This year the event will be celebrated amid much fanfare on March 14th and that is the day you would want to present something nice to the special lady in your life. You could explore various possibilities of homemade mothers day gifts from child. A DIY mother’s day gift offers the scope to add a personal touch to the memento that you are planning for her.

A homemade mothers day gifts from child is always special for any mom. These are sentimental gifts for her and here are some ideas you can try out as homemade gifts for that special day.

1: Wooden jewelry boxes

Women love jewelry, and perhaps it is the same for your mom. Therefore, the first option you can explore for homemade mothers day gifts from child is a wooden jewelry box. You can pick up round wooden boxes from the craft store. You must now paint everything from the top to the nautical-knot buttons & drawer pullers. After the paint dries up look to attach buttons with glue and finally attach them to a drawer pull. You can now drill a small hole through the top of the box and tightly secure it with a nut. The box is now ready and you can present it to your mom on that special day.

2: Paper flowers

Are you searching for a budget homemade mothers day gifts from child? This could be it and flowers have long conveyed the message of love. A paper flower offers the scope for versatility and a longer lifespan than fresh flowers. So, for the big day, you can look to transform pastel cupcake liners into long-lasting blooms.

3: Present her a sentimental self-portrait

You can pamper her with a self or bilateral portrait and mom is sure to love it a lot. You can enlarge a photo of both of you together and arrange for the necessary supplies. You will need a sheet of heavyweight paper & glue dots. You will also need some crayons of colored pencils.

You must first cut the photo in half and attach it to the paper with the glue dots. Make sure that the photo takes up only half of the paper. You can mirror a certain image on the other half with colored pencils and crayons.

4: Pamper your mom with a heart cookie box

This is another interesting option to explore as you are searching for homemade mothers day gifts from child. You can think of creating some artwork designs on wooden boxes with the use of contact paper. With the use of cutouts and paint, you can pamper your mom with a sweet cookie box. It would be all the better if you put some treats inside it. Your mom will love it.

5: Hand-dyed napkins

This is another small but impactful presentation you can think of for the most important lady in your life, on this upcoming mother’s day.  The water-colored napkins will bring about some color to the table on that auspicious day. You will first have to soak the napkins in water and then wring out the excess. You must then brush on the fabric paint and carry on diluting the water all the time. You need to give the napkins overnight time to dry up. You must iron the fabric to set the paint and then add them to your place settings.

6: Mother’s day paperweights 

This is a viable option for anyone searching for homemade mothers day gifts from child. There are plenty of stones lying in the backyard and you can pick up any of them. With the use of fabric scraps, you can cover this stone nicely, and this can be a nice decorative item for mom to display on her desk. Whenever you are not at home for any reason, mom will always be thinking about you.

7: A heart-stitched card

A simple card presentation can make the day special for your mom. Your mom will love it if you can present her with a heart-stitched card. You need to arrange for colored card stock and fold it in half. This now resembles a card and you must now print and cut out a heart from the card. You must tape it rather lightly and punch holes in the heart’s outline using a needle. You must now discard the template of the heart. In the next step, you must now knot the end and stitch the heart from side to side. On finishing stitching, you must knot the yarn and cut away any access. The card is ready and you can present it to your mom.

8: Homemade jewelry for mom:

There has been a talk about presenting a jewelry box as a part of homemade mothers day gifts from child. You can plan more and think of pampering her with homemade jewelry. You can try to make a sweet necklace or a ring and present it to her. You need some minimum ingredients to make a necklace or a ring. Some amount of string buttons & felt and paper flowers should be sufficient to prepare a necklace or a ring. Your mom will be proud to wear your creation.

9: Fruity flowers

This is an interesting gift that you can plan for your mom on that special day. The concept is about a flower bouquet that someone can eat and your mom will love it. With the application of cookies and cutters, you can cut flower shapes into pineapple and lemon sizes. You must now get hold of wooden doles and stick it on them. You must then place it on a vase with faux grass and that should be a delicious homemade mothers day gift.


This is a complete guide on some of the best homemade mothers day gifts from child. For this upcoming mother’ day if you are searching for gift ideas these are some things that you can try out. If you are of the DIY type, it should be easy and your mom will love these presentations.


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